Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's Getting Hot in Here

As the summer heats up, my vocal booth has been staying hot, with a lot of young new talent coming thru, such as Lil Sav and Agent 216 from San Jose, and K.O. The Knockout Artist from Sunnyvale, as well as some "usuals" (you know who you are)... so it's been great to have my studio completely renovated, and am trying to finally catch up on all the work I am behind, having only had my studio back for a while, and of course the day job at UA leaves me working in the studio only on off-hours and weekends..

But no excuses or regrets, I love sound engineering, and software testing the products I use is a very interesting situation, so I am enjoying it for what it is, and trying to hustle as much as I can while I feel like it, I can imagine in 10 years moving to Maui and learning to surf will dominate my brain...

Anyways, the update:

-I'm very excited to announce, that I'm officially starting a charity!  It's called Bay2Africa, and the website is coming soon.  This will be a small operation, but with big goals, to bring music gear donated by artists and producers in the bay area, and send the gear to needy commuties and churches in Africa.  More details coming soon, but I'm very happy to be part of something so great!  If you want to be part of this, do not hesitate to contact me!

-I produced a local San Jose mixtape called Tank Battle, that is hosted by Victor Zaragoza, who I got to meet when he came over to do voiceover.  Then I got my homie DJ Destro, a badass scratch DJ, to liven up the mix.  I like this one, definitely worth downloading for free folkz!!!!  Get it HERE.

-Went to see some of the No Mercy Records artists perform at the Fiesta nightclub recently (I forgot what night) and it was good to see the songs I'd been working on performed live.  Also got to see some other dope local artists (we really liked this dude named Mister), then the Hoodstarz headlined at the end, it was a good time out, haha.

-I'm producing two mixtapes for the legendary Studio Pete, both of them slap hard.  One of them is a remaster of some really ancient Low Budget Records tracks, featuring some very oldschool performances of some rappers I really dig working with, so it's exciting for me to get my hands on these tracks.


And I said I was going to put a picture of my studio up, this is a "halfway done" shot, it's too late tonight to get a good shot, so next month I'll post a more updated pic!

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