Monday, July 16, 2012

What a Spring!

Man, spring was crazy for me, both as a freelance engineer, and as a Universal Audio software tester...  I mean I don't even know where to start, but here's an attempt:

-With Universal Audio, I worked on the ground-breaking Apollo product, doing hardware and software testing for that and the dock application.  The Apollo is an amazing product and deserves the attention it's received, and it was exciting to see the product develop and be part of that, although for me, working on the Ampex ATR-102 plugin as the sole in-house tester is still my favorite UA moment.

-I've set up a new studio in the condo I'm currently living in, for the purposes of testing UA software from home, tracking vocals, and doing some editing mixing, although my main rig is at a different location when it comes to mixing and mastering.  Eventually I would like a commercial location, but the vocal booth and leather couch fits perfectly in this room, so it will do!  I will post pics soon!

-While I wouldn't say I've had a ton of "success" as an artist, the album I did with an iPhone got some cool press attention and gave me a taste of the limelight that I haven't felt since I was in a band at 17, haha.  So of course I bought an iPad the first day, ready to do an album with that and get even more fame, right?  Well, I got it, and for a while, there just wasn't that many cool apps, and it was just.... kinda... boring....  but now here I am with an iPad 2 that I upgraded to, and I'm starting to "feel" it...  I know it's too late to be one of the first like I was with a phone, but I'm making some badass music with that thing, that's all I know, stay tuned for a SICK album, maybe sometime in the winter!

- I used to run my own small live sound company for a while, and it was a lot of fun, but doing live sound can be burnout work after a while, and I gave it up cold turkey many years ago.  But now I've been "flirting" with live sound, doing some gigs here and there, and I kind of like doing it, it's a rush, kind of like working in a kitchen during the busy hour...  but who knows where this is going?  I'm sure the first bad gig I have, I'm out!

-Besides all this, doing a lot of production work for local bay area artists, including a San Jose rap compilation, working with Sunnyvale-based artist K.O. the Knockout Artist, also did a track for No Mercy artist D-Boy, a couple mixtapes I'm producing, plus a lot of other behind the scenes activities, as always  =-P