Hi I'm Freematik, I'm a Bay Area music producer, recording and mastering engineer, and all around musical entrepreneur. I created this blog to serve as a bio for my professional music career, as well as keep people up on my own personal music projects.

You can find out more about my own musical projects in the Music Projects page in this blog. Basically all my solo projects can be found at Also found at are links to my main collaboration projects, such as Double Felix, a project featuring me and Felix Inferious, and then there's Beef Shield, a collab project between myself and Pete Rice. Also, you will find a link to T-Double, which is my electronic/experimental alter ego. There's tons of baddass tracks to choose from, just wander around and see what you like!

A good chunk of my time is spent testing new music production equipment at the legendary audio company Universal Audio. Working with people that can be both intensely driven and cool people has shown me the right way to do business. Through UA I've been lucky enough to have been able to travel to places like France, Germany, and New York all because I love music and the people that make it.

My main love though is working as a producer or engineer on a great artist's project. Most of my experience is with rap music, but I have worked (either recording or live sound) with a wide variety of musical styles, including Latin, Jazz, Rock, Punk, Country, Hip Hop, Indian, Ethiopian, Taiko, Japanese Koto Music, and the list goes on and on... that's one of the best things about living and working in the Bay Area, the diversity here is amazing! My main focus right now is mixing and mastering projects, since my current studio is not set up for tracking. I am always interested in talking to you about your next project, so contact me at if you need some mixing or mastering work on your next album! I have a Client List posted here if you want to check out what I've worked on.

Other fun facts concerning my musical career, is that while I was a teenager I was in the punk ska band Janitors Against Apartheid for a relatively short but VERY fun time. In high school I also was part of a Jazz Ensemble (playing bass) that won 1st place in our division in a national competition. I also was in a horrible marching band during high school (playing bass drum). I worked at a used music store (Guitar Showcase) for a number of years and learned a lot about the industry and the meaning of quality in music production from one of my mentors, Bert McIntyre. I have played bass for about 20 years, and consider that my only "real" instrument. Through my day job at UA I have been able to meet and talk to a wide variety of amazing musicians, engineers, visionaries, and geniuses in the music industry. I won't drop names but buy me a drink sometime and I'm sure I'll have a good story for you!

I hope you get a chance to check out my own music, as well as check out the projects I've worked on. What it really comes down to is a love of music, and the need to share my craft with people across the world. Please don't hesitate to contact me at if you want to get in touch!!!