Saturday, November 12, 2011


All I can say is wow...  it has been crazy busy since I posted last.  My doctor would definitely not approve of my busy-ness these days, but you are supposed to follow your passion right?  At least that's what I keep telling my girlfriend...

I've just continued trying to take on freelance engineering work, while still moving forward on my personal art projects, and trying to maintain at my 9-5 (actually 10:30-6:30).  My studio is still in a state of upheaval since I moved, and probably will be for a couple more months, until I am able to set everything up in one room again.  For now I get by, it's a little inconvenient, but I am not sacrificing quality, which is what matters.  But when new clients see my shitty temporary setup I have that little insecure feeling I haven't had since starting out engineering over a decade ago....  oh well.

So on to what I'm doing, here's a quick summary in particular order:

-Finally dropped that personal album I've been working on, called Backwoods.  This is a strange instrumental hip hop project that started when I was living in the deep woods of Santa Cruz, and from there has transformed into something truly unique.  It's a free download, so and makes great driving or "background" music, so please get a copy!

-Working with BlacDaRippa, Marcus Weezy, and Mic Locc, I engineered and mixed the Cali Hit Patrol street album, and I would really appreciate any feedback on this, since it was one of the most "magical" rap sessions I've ever done (working with Dutchee Van Doe always does it too, it's just a feeling that shit is going down.).  It's a $5 download y'all!  Really proud of this!

-Putting the finishing touches on this Touche Ole mixtape.  She is a young artist from Chicago that is KILLING the mic.  Stay tuned.

-I always say I work on any type of music, but to be honest while I've worked on everything as an amateur just learning the game, for the last 5 years I haven't worked on much except for rap commercially.  But now I have a rock project to mix, courtesy of Blackwood Royalty.  Looking forward to getting started on this!  I've already listened to the tracks, recorded by the infamous Joe Clements at the Compound, and am excited by what I have to work with!

-As always, staying busy as ever at Universal Audio, helping to test and develop some of the coolest audio tools ever.  It sometimes feels like a grind, being the 9-5 portion of my life, but at the end of the day it is really exciting to be working on the next generation of music production gear.  I am hoping to be able to get to the NAMM show this year, I got stuck at work last year...

At the end of the day I am still trying to find a balance, as I love working on commercial music projects, but the work isn't steady enough in this economy and new paradigm to pay the bills.  If my 9-5 was more boring I would just quit, but honestly, working at UA, I can't wait to see what's next!!!