Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2011: Still Grinding...

Still staying extremely busy in 2011, which is good.  More importantly, I am having some fun.  While a lot of engineering and producing can be stressful, it also can be a ton of fun when everything is going well, and right now (knock on wood) everything just seems to be going smoothly.

So here's an update on the projects I'm working on:

-The Touche Ole "House Party" Mixtape I had been working on is finally released, and is now available.  I am very happy with how it came out, and would love to have some of y'all download it and tell me what you think!  Touche Ole is an extremely gifted artist and one of the best female rappers I've heard in a while!

-Getting deep into mixing this Blackwood Royalty album.  They are a rock band, so a change of pace for me.  This project will take a lot of time and effort over the next couple months, and I'm glad that I feel up to the challenge!

-I've finally got the hang of the "Maschine", which is an awesome cross between a drum machine and a music sequencing program...  I've made tons of new beats with this thing, so expect to see a lot of new beats available soon!!!  If you are an artist in need of fresh tracks now is a great time to hit me up!

-This winter will also see the release of the long awaited "Hush Money" album from No Mercy Records.  I am basically their "staff engineer" so I will be working on all the final details for this.  Still some details need to be worked out, but for rap fans this album will be a must have for 2012!

-I keep putting it off, but now that my Christmas vacation is coming up, I think it would be a great time to try and pull off this EP completely recorded on an "iPad" that I've had on my mind for years now...  stay tuned for this!!!

Besides this, just trying to hang in there, as this holiday season has turned into a crazy grind for me...  but I am thankful and excited to have all these opportunities!