Music Projects

While my main gig is making other people's albums happen as a producer/engineer, I also am an artist and musician myself, and have produced tons of my own tracks, either as a solo effort or as part of a collabation with other artists. 

My main solo projects are found under Freematik.  Most of these projects feature many of the rappers I work with commercially on their own projects, so the vocals you hear are a mixture of a number of diverse styles and groups.

The most recent project is a mixtape, "It's Official" which is basically a collection of tracks I've released under the Freematik name.  You can download a copy of this for free and really get a feel for what I am doing.

My most notable album to date is "iMatik", which is an instrumental hip hop album I made with just my iPhone.  This album received a lot of great press and ended up becoming and international news story, as well as getting into a large number of American newspapers, plus countless blogs.  It even got into the CD review section of Tape Op, a magazine I personally love to read.

In 2011 I decided to collaborate with one of best artists I work with, BlacDaRippa, to create Blacmatik, which is a platform for us to work together to put out fresh and exciting music.  The first, self titled Blacmatik album, features classic songs such as the hit single featuring Mistah F.A.B., called "So Smooth", as well as a San Jose Anthem that is over 10 minutes long, featuring rappers from across San Jose.  We are also hard at work on Blacmatik 2.0, which will be made completely with an iPad, and will blow people's minds.

I have also collaborated with analog/modular synth junkie Felix Inferious to create music under the name Double Felix, and we have two very cool projects available.  One is self-titled and is a beat-driven electronic funhouse, propelled forward by scratch DJ Destro and drenched in modular madness.  The other is a concept project, called "Blood In, Analog Out", which is basically samples from the movie "Blood In, Blood Out" ran through Felix Inferious' modular synth, and mangled and twisted into an ambient synth background.

Another interesting collaboration is my project co-produced with Pete Rice and Justin Estep, called Beef Shield.  Beef Shield is just the result of us three doing weird shit in the music studio, whether it's electronic music or live instruments.  I used to play in a band with Pete and Justin, so even though we haven't spent a long time on this project, the results are fun and intense.  A good example of a track to check out would be the dubstep track "El Camino Man".

My earliest musical persona was T-Double, and under that name I released a number of odd electronic music projects, and have even used the persona more recently to release projects that are too esoteric for the Freematik label.  The music goes from ambient oddness to hectic electronic meltdowns.  I have given my Debut CD out free for many years, so some of you might have been introduced to my music through that.

There's tons of great music to choose from, and plenty of it is free, or very inexpensive.  Please do me a big favor and spend some time checking out this music!